Furniture Rental

Browse our website to view affordable, stylish and quality furniture. We offers a full range of budget-friendly and room-efficient furniture for you. Our furniture packages are ideal solutions for temporary relocations and a short-term visit to Seoul, Korea. Our furniture rental specialists are always available to answer your questions. Stage your home with AceRent's Furniture!

Rental Procedure

How to Rent

  1. Choose your preferable items.
  2. Please contact us via phone call or email, but email is highly recommendable

  3. We enclose the estimate of the price with adequate furniture pictures via email.
  4. Contract Agreement
  5. At the time when the rental fee in accordance with the contract term is paid by a customer, it is acknowledged by AceRent and the customer that both made an contract agreement.* Rental fee must paid in advance.

  6. Delivery
  7. Your furniture will be delivered at your convenience.

  8. Warranty of free service and replacement.
  9. We give you free services and replacement, if the furniture has any defects. But customers must be responsible for any damages which has not been recognized at the time of contract agreement.

  10. Renewal notification
  11. Customers must make renewal notification 1 month prior to the contract completion.

  12. Inspection and Pick-up
  13. Inspection will be conducted a day before you leave. Customers are responsible for any damage which has not been acknowledged at the time of contract agreement. All furniture will be removed after the inspection.

  14. Payment of Rent hereunder shall be made by electronic transfer to the following account.
  15. Bank : KEB Bank Beneficiary : Kim, Jae woo Account No.: 160-18-15288-0